19 Dec 2014
December 19, 2014

Millers Oils Nanodrive Oil Test

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Millers Oil


Originating from England and incorporated in 1887, Millers Oil is one of the leading lubricants in Europe. Millers Oil has years of racing experience under their belt.  In 2011 they invested in a new Research & Development Centre. This enhanced their ability to develop new products, maintain quality of existing products, as well as giving their team a much improved working environment.


In 2009, the company developed low friction gear oils, offering the potential to reduce power losses in transmission systems and reduce wear – with its associated maintenance costs. These gear oils collected the Most Innovative award at the World Motorsport Symposium 2009.


And then in 2012, Millers Oils received the Technology and Innovation Award, presented to Martyn Mann by Steve Sapsford of category sponsor Ricardo. There was strong competition from DeltaWing, Gill Sensors and the Zytek Group who were shortlisted for the award. The award was given in recognition of the innovative work done on low friction formulations, now branded as Nanodrive Low Friction Technology.


The MIA is the world’s leading trade association for the motorsport, performance engineering, services and tuning sectors. More than 500 people from across the world attended the annual awards ceremony that recognises the high standards of skill and professionalism achieved at all levels within the motorsport and high performance engineering industries.


Nano Drive Technology

In an engine it is estimated that 15% to 20% of the energy in the fuel is lost through internal friction.

Friction is caused by the roughness of surfaces moving against each other. Friction causes wear and uses valuable energy through mechanical losses turning the engine over and in the generation of heat.

Cutting friction within the engine will reduce wear on engine parts and the heat generated, as well as giving drivers more power at the wheels. This is done using clever nanoparticles which act like millions of ball bearings, together with ingredients that smooth out the surface roughness of the metal engine parts.


Miller’s Nanodrive oil, which utilises the latest developments in nanotechnology, has been proven to reduce frictional losses within an engine, improving fuel consumption, increasing power output and reducing component wear. Nanotechnology has been applied to a completely new range of oils to be used in the high temperature and pressure environment of an internal combustion engine. In 2012 the Nanodrive engine oil range was launched and has since become extremely popular around the world. The Millers Oils research and development team are continuing to work on developing lubricants for other sectors where low-friction oils bring significant benefits.


These new oils are designed to maintain good lubricant film integrity, essential to protect the engine components. The CFS NT engine oils are the first in a range of Millers Oils products that will use the depth of knowledge of lubricant technology to design products that lower friction, release power at the same time maintaining excellent engine protection.


To test its nanodrive technology, Millers Oil picked three cars, the Toyota MR2 which is built for track days, a new Toyota GT 86 and a Porsche built for racing. For the MR2, back to back testing of two different grades of Millers oil, the CFS 5w40 and the new Nanodrive CFS 5w40NT. Each test required a fresh oil filter change to get the most accurate results. With the new nanodrive technology, there was an increase in both hp and torque as shown in the graph.


For the Toyota 86, it is a new car and it was driven around for approximately 1000 miles before the test was done. The comparison was done between factory supplied oil and Millers CFS 0w20NT. After replacing the factory supplied oil with Millers CFS 0w20NT, there was a significant rise in power and torque when the dyno was done. It should be noted that the factory fill oil had been used for 1000 miles and this will have thinned the oil a little, making the results obtained with the Nanodrive oil even more impressive as shown in the graph.


Finally the racing Porsche 911 RSR 1973, tested Millers Oils CFS 10w60 against the new CFS

10w60 NT. Designed to reduce friction in race engines, at the same time maintaining an excellent level of engine protection. The first test using Millers Oil CFS 10w60 showed a power output of 268bhp. Once the oil was changed to the new CFS 10w60 NT, the power output increased to 283bhp at operating temperature. Even the torque increased from 295Nm to 307Nm measured at 5430rpm.


By simply changing to the new CFS 10w60 NT oil impressive increases in power of 5.6% and torque of 4% were achieved.




Introducing the CFS 10w50 NT

The CFS 10w50 NT is one of the few Fully Synthetic Triple Ester Nano Technology formulations. The oil is suitable for race and rally engines, and especially suited for modified, high performance vehicles with or without turbochargers, for fast road/street modified engines and track day use.


Able to withstand temperatures of up to 150°C, using the oil for competition use is of no problems. It can handle sever and high stress conditions when racing or fast road use. CFS 10w50 NT will significantly reduces friction and heat generation which will lead to a reduction of component wear which promotes longer engine life. Not only that, the CFS 10w50 NT will increase your power output and torque. Also the CFS 10w50 NT has a superior anti-friction and anti-wear characteristic which in turn improves reliability and energy efficiency.



This oil is a premium fully synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid. Mainly used for Dual Clutch Transmission gearboxes, DSG or DCT wet clutch applications. Some of the benefits from using the MILLERMATIC ATF DCT-DSG are that for Dual Clutch Transmissions, it will offer improved fuel consumption and this is a product specifically designed for this purpose. It also provides excellent oxidation and thermal stability and low temperature pumpability which in turn provides a stable long life product. The fluid also improves anti-wear and resistance to sludge extends component life, allowing you to extend your transmissions life span.


These excellent products are now available for Malaysian consumers. The Malaysian distributor, Cosmic Elite Sdn Bhd has multiple ready products. For more information about more of their products, do give them a call at 03- 6275 3188.