World Rally Championship moved with its 7th round on the gravel roads of Poland. Jipocar Czech National Team with Martin Prokop and Jan Tománek was standing at the start at Mikolajki on Thursday evening. After 19 demanding special stages with 313 kilometres, guys are travelling back home with 11th place. 


Martin Prokop said: ”Rally Poland is the fastest rally of the year and that maybe was the breaking point of our result here. I was not confident enough and not able to get into right pace during the first Leg and also the choice of soft tyres for the Friday afternoon loop didn´t help me. It was better on Saturday but there was nothing to do with the loss from the bad day before. At least we had some nice moments on every single Superspecial Stage, where we won on Friday and were twice on fourth place. There were only two special stages to go on last Leg on Sunday, but we enjoyed them completely, the very last Power Stage particularly. Top guys in the front were chasing themselves and were driving like mad but we still have maintained our loss per kilometre less than one second. Our new car worked here finally without any problem, so now it must just meet with my shape and good mood to make some excellent result out of it. I have lost the chance for better result unfortunately on Friday when it simply was not my day and I was not pushing on my possible maximum, I was too much cautious on the most dangerous jumps and those are the places where you are losing seconds. I lost the virtual contact with anybody in the front and even though Saturday and Sunday were OK, I had no chance to get back to fight for some better result. Finally, I would like to thank to all great fans and supporters who travelled from Czech Republic to cheer us here, I have never seen such crowds of excited rally fans for my whole WRC carrier! Hat off guys, thank you so much!”

Manager Quirin Müller adds: “It was a good rally for us, despite the fact that we are used to bring home points from every single finished race. Martin showed sportsmanship that he was able to get into the race after worse first day, achieved good split times and won one Special Stage. Together with his good speed towards the end of the rally we can look forward to Finland.”