we have been supplying KAPS Transmissions http://eng.kaps-transmissions.com/ for several years and they are recomending our CRX LS 75w140 NT as the best possible oils for their racing dog-box transmissions, after they conducted several tests inracing conditions.

Today they sent us samples of parts from Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX 5 speed dog-box transmission, clearly showing excellent condition of part after 1128 kilometres of rallying special stages (RZ) compared to the very same part but run with competitors oil for only 495 kms of rally special stages in the same car. That part has got many pittings and abrassion places on teeth.20140701_122213 20140701_122220 20140701_122247 20140701_122305 20140701_122357 20140701_122409 20140701_122449 20140701_122508